Our goal at Fox Hills Golf Course was to create a golf course that would provide an enjoyable experience for golfers of all abilities and, at the same time, be unique and strategic enough to attract golfers from outside the immediate area. We also wanted to create a golf course that would look and feel like it was part of the native Western North Dakota landscape with rolling hills and a distinct “links” character. Much of the property had never been cultivated so we worked hard to preserve some of the nicest native short grass prairie I have ever encountered.

The Golf Course meanders through native prairie and along the banks of Cherry Creek. Water comes into play on seven holes and there is a good variety of uphill and downhill holes. Fairways are wide to emphasize strategic angles and to provide some measure of forgiveness from the ever-present winds. Greens are large and have contours that reward the golfer who can find the right quadrant. Sand bunkers, inspired by the links courses of Ireland and Great Britain, are deep and have wood bulkheads to insure visibility and to keep the ever-present wind from blowing the sand out of the bunker cavity. Five sets of tees are characterized by regional landmarks like the Long X Ox-Cart Trail and the North Dakota Badlands.

I hope you find our new course here in Watford City, North Dakota both enjoyable and memorable.

Kevin Norby, ASGCA
Norby Golf Course Design


This Par 3 hole will play well onto the teeth of the wind and from the back tees. 

This is a great setup hole playing downhill, but be mindful of the water hazard on the left!

Note the fairway bunkers on the left side of the fairway as well as the mounding around the greens. 

Drone Footage Credits: Greg Noll
Photography Credits: Peter Wong

The opening hole is a long par 4 that plays downhill to a green. The fairway is concave, and the green is large and receptive. Avoid the two fairway bunkers and this hole should give up some birdies.

Long X 437
Badlands 422
Wild Cow 405
Cherry Creek 387
Lewis & Clark 357

The first of the par 3’s tee shot plays over Cherry Creek but there’s plenty of room right and short. Check the wind and swing confidently to avoid the deep greenside bunker left.

Long X 220
Badlands 181
Wild Cow 165
Cherry Creek 145
Lewis & Clark 125

The third hole is a short par 4 that can be drivable for the longest of hitters when the wind is right. Bunkers guard the approach and out of bounds lurks on the right side. The more cautious golfer will choose a long iron and leave a full wedge to the green. A front pin will be very accessible but use caution with a back or left pin position.

Long X 313
Badlands 290
Wild Cow 270
Cherry Creek 250
Lewis & Clark 200

The fourth hole is the first of the par 5’s and is the longest hole on the course. The fairway is deceptively wide and forgiving off the tee but finding the fairway on the second shot is the key to having a chance at a birdie. Missing the green short or left is ok but beware of the water right of the green.

Long X 613
Badlands 585
Wild Cow 545
Cherry Creek 515
Lewis & Clark 425

The fifth hole is a short par 5 that will play considerably longer than the yardage indicates. The tee shot plays uphill and into the prevailing winds. Aim just right of the centering bunker to find one of the widest fairways on the course. The green is receptive but beware of the deep bunkers on this hole.

Long X 507
Badlands 490
Wild Cow 470
Cherry Creek 450
Lewis & Clark 335

The sixth hole is a downhill par 4 that plays to a large green. Water guards the left side of the fairway while two bunkers and out of bounds guard the right side so the key here is to find the fairway.

Long X 440
Badlands 415
Wild Cow 390
Cherry Creek 360
Lewis & Clark 310

The par 4 seventh plays uphill to a large green that sits in on the side of a hill. For most, the best line of play will be a drive just right of the bunker to leave a blind approach to the green. The more confident player and longer hitters will be able to play to the left or carry the bunker to have a better look at the green.

Long X 380
Badlands 355
Wild Cow 330
Cherry Creek 290
Lewis & Clark 260

Although the eighth hole has a large green there are two greenside bunkers that require a good tee shot to have a chance at par or birdie. This tee shot can be deceiving as there is much more room short of the green and right than is apparent.

Long X 162
Badlands 140
Wild Cow 120
Cherry Creek 102
Lewis & Clark 85

The last hole on the front nine is a long par 4 that plays uphill to a long and narrow green which sits in a natural valley. The green is large and, although the putting surface is blind, approaches left and long will likely carom back to the green. Take note of the unique short grass prairie on this hole.

Long X 418
Badlands 398
Wild Cow 376
Cherry Creek 350
Lewis & Clark 296

The first hole on the back nine is a lengthy par 4. A well stuck drive should easily carry the two fairway bunkers and leave an unobstructed approach to the green.

Long X 444
Badlands 423
Wild Cow 400
Cherry Creek 345
Lewis & Clark 282

The eleventh is another full-sized par 4 with a dogleg right. The landing area is a generous but a good drive must be far enough left to ensure a view of the green. Check the pin position as this unique green has a shallow swale that divides the putting surface into distinct front and back halves.

Long X 437
Badlands 428
Wild Cow 384
Cherry Creek 338
Lewis & Clark 264

The first of the par 3’s on the back nine plays somewhat shorter due to the prevailing wind and a slightly downhill fee shot. This is a large green and a miss to the left will likely feed back to the green. Be careful to avoid a miss to the right where you will find a difficult chance for recovery.

Long X 225
Badlands 210
Wild Cow 190
Cherry Creek 170
Lewis & Clark 155

The thirteenth is a long risk reward par 5 with water left. The longer hitter who has the courage to flirt with the water on their second shot will have a chance of reaching the green in two. The shorter hitter can also have a chance at a birdie with three well played shots.

Long X 550
Badlands 520
Wild Cow 495
Cherry Creek 465
Lewis & Clark 420

The fourteenth is a short drivable par 4 that plays downhill to a partially obscured green. Accuracy off the tee is important here as the fairway is guarded by four deep bunkers. The ideal drive will be positioned to the left side of the fairway to have a look at the pin.

Long X 350
Badlands 330
Wild Cow 305
Cherry Creek 285
Lewis & Clark 230

The fifteenth is a long par 4 that plays uphill to an elevated green. A drive to the left side of the fairway will leave a shorter approach and an unobstructed view to the putting surface. A drive to the lower fairway on the right will require a longer approach and will need to negotiate a small greenside bunker. There’s more room than it appears around the green so a miss to the left or long can still yield a par

Long X 415
Badlands 395
Wild Cow 365
Cherry Creek 345
Lewis & Clark 310

Number sixteen is the shortest par 3 on the course but plays uphill to a sharply undulating green. Avoid missing short and remember that a miss long will likely feed back to the putting surface. This green is one of the largest on the course so finding the correct quadrant will be important to have a chance at a birdie.

Long X 145
Badlands 130
Wild Cow 120
Cherry Creek 105
Lewis & Clark 90

The last par 4 plays as a dogleg left to a slightly elevated green. This is one of the most heavily bunkered fairways on the golf course so an accurate tee shot is a must. The green is large but some hold contours will require an accurate approach to avoid a three putt.

Long X 392
Badlands 372
Wild Cow 350
Cherry Creek 327
Lewis & Clark 267

The finishing hole is a medium-length par 5 that plays straight away to the clubhouse. A good drive between the bunkers will leave a choice whether to play conservatively or go for broke. Big hitters who find the right side of the fairway will have a change to carry the bunkers and get home in two. The shorter hitter will need to rely on an accurate third shot and two putts.

Long X 532
Badlands 522
Wild Cow 495
Cherry Creek 461
Lewis & Clark 382